CYRIL PITET - Graphic Design ✷

I am a graphic designer motivated by transforming matter and conceptualise in order to produce. I mainly work with images, objects, prints and typography. My dominant interests are The Planet Earth, Visual culture, Extreme sports culture, music producing, Astronomy, Science, Philosophy and pine trees. Here is a selection of my work. If you want to work or skate with me, feel free to contact.


July 2017: Bachelor of Art and Design - Graphic design, Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Sep-Oct 2016: Graphic design program, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Berlin, Germany.
2015-2016: 2nd Year Bachelor, Graphic design department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2014-2015: Exchange Graphic design department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2013-2014: Graphic design license at ECV. Paris, France.
2012-2013: 2nd Year Graphic Design, ECV. Paris, France.
2011-2012: 1st Year Intern Architecture and Design, Ecole Camondo. Paris, France.
2010-2011: Art and Design preparatory class, Prép’art. Paris, France.


Work experience:

June-August 2014: Internship at Havas-it, EURO RSCG. Puteaux, France.
June-July 2013: Internship at Point 11 studio. Paris 12eme, France.
June-July 2011: IT Technician for Havas-it, EURO RSCG. Suresnes, France.
June-July 2010: IT Technician for Havas-it, EURO RSCG. Suresnes, France.



2017/ Publication design, Foam x AFF Afro-Futurism, Foam, Amsterdam, Netherlands (NL).
2016/ « Wendy36 » graphic design workshop and exhibiton, Berlin, Germany (GE).
2016/ Uncut Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL).
2016/ Publication design, Socratic design lab by Schwab Filosofia and the Gerrit Rietveld academy. Madrid (ES).
2015/ Visual Campaign design of the « Rietveld Staff Study Day », Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands (NL).
2015/ « Patch and Posters » exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands (NL).
2015/ Poster design, «XII» exhibition at W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands (NL).
2014/ Book presentation at Ed&Cie book fair, Brussel, Belgium (BE).
2014/ Exhibition « The School », FANFARE, Amsterdam, Netherlands (NL).
2014/ Video editing, "La Nouvelle fabrique" du centquatre, Paris, France (FR)
2012/ Bellastock 2012 Architecture festival, Saint-Denis, France (FR).

Design of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy's diploma 2017 in collaboration with Inna Kochkina. Composed of five A4 pages and a A1 poster. Printing thechnics: letter press, digital indigo print and offset.

The Apple Holy Book is a gathering of the personnal history of Steve Job, the history of Apple inc. and a review of all the apple devices ever made until 2015. This edition is a metaphor reflecting the sacred aspect that apple inc. took in our contemporary society. 18 x 12cm / 454 pages.

« The National leisure magazine » is a publication gathering a selection of images from 12 different issues of the National geographic magazine from 1955 to 1982. This publication put an emphasis on the leisure state (by removing all political and laborious aspect of the magazine) we can reach by gazing at pictures of the sea, and the evolving relation between enjoying water landscapes and the people through time. 25 x 16cm / 164 pages.

This publication is a scale range by shape association from the Northrop B-2 bomber to a fly. 36.5 x 28,7cm / 24 pages.

Visual campaign for the « Rietveld staff study day ». A day where all the all staff of Gerrit Rietveld academie gather to talk about the problematics and future plans for the academy. Book: 17 x 11 cm / 176 pages. Posters: A1, B&W screen print.

Foam cahier, designed for the exhibition « Afro-futurism, Foam X AFF », Foam, Amsterdam. 24 x 17cm / 8 pages.

A research book about the representation of phallus and sexuality throughout different ages and cultures, in collaboration with Steven Lenoir. 29.7 x 21cm / 54 pages.

This small publication is a review of the food presented in the movie « water boy » by Frank Coraci, starring Adam Sandler, 1998. 18.9 x 12.7cm / 24 pages.

« Hey Jean-Luc » is an experimental book creating a bridge between two casual movements, the neck rotation and the page flipping. 28.5 x 17cm.

« 2020, A stupid odyssey » is an objet illustrating the idea of a dystopian futur born form the merging of two contemporary movies, « 2001 A space odyssey » and « Idiocracy ». 3 x 1.6m

Piece for « the school » exhibition at Fanfare, Amsterdam. A steady stream of flowing orange juice from a vandalized school sink. 130 x 80cm.

Poster design for the Havas It’s ping pong party. A1 / printed in black and red, black and green, black and yellow and black and white.